Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Emotional Strategist

Cold War & World War planning era is initiated by Mr.Trump—thanks to capitalist mindsets. If any thing hasn’t changed in the history of making World War III, and WW-III isn’t ignited in reality, deteriorated American relations with world leaders is a definite surety which people are already witnessing since the race from 2015 for US Presidential Elections 2016. Now, extraordinary War of Words are exchanged than it ever has been; the greatest allies of United States are deliberating over their foreign relations and what if situations if Donald Trump would be World President.

If he is elected president for the United States of America, clash of religions, collapse of World politics diplomacy will be unprecedented, it is going to touch the roof tops of severity unlike any racism starters and racist campaigners has ever seen. I imagine how would it be like if anything goes out of control which the US Military cannot handle. And this all will be witnessed in just the beginning phase of Trump’s presidency.

Being a World leader is an American icon, and there is no doubt to believe that the greatest leaders in the history of this world were Americans and are an American. But could Donald Trump change this general opinion concept amongst the people of the world into a negative one; the time will tell. One thing even an ordinary person can say is that Trump’s wave of strategy for people's psychology and emotional response is distinctive and unlike anything else which a common man has yet seen.